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Wind+Wing Technologies (WWT) was started by Jay Gardner, who also owns and founded Adventure Cat Sailing, a 30+ year sailing tourism company on the San Francisco Bay. Backed with several decades of experience in the sailing, boat building and public passenger boat industries, Jay and his team began to develop a vision for a wind-assist system. The goal was to develop a plan for a wing that would harness the wind (an inherent natural resource they had learned to master over the years), in conjunction with traditional diesel or other efficient new propulsion in a hybrid system – the idea that would eventually become WingDrive™.

The team sought out the best minds in the industry and joined forces with Morrelli & Melvin Design & Engineering. Morelli & Melvin completed a study: Feasibility of a Wind-Assisted Ferry for San Francisco Bay. The study found that the addition of sail power provides a substantial, 40% decrease in fuel consumption and pollution generation, and would save at least $100,000 on annual fuel costs per vessel.

The first step was a successful demonstration vessel in early 2014 completed with the State of CA, allowing for realistic testing of the wing technology and also allowed ferry service professionals a chance to see the wing in action. That early demo provided the data to prove that in fact the wind, combined with the new WingDrive™ technology, could provide up to 40% reductions in fuel use (and therefore related expense). 

From there WWT has grown the team both internally with advisors and engineers, and externally through partnerships with public agencies and other industry stakeholders both in passenger transportation and shipping logistics. 

Most recently, the WWT team launched our next generation demo vessel for the ferry market, an exciting 10m catamaran that is all-electric with wind-assist, achieving speeds of over 15kts. In addition, we have built out IP and patent rights on the application of WingDrive™ that is geared to the international maritime shipping markets, under the name Cargo Wing™ units. 


Jay Gardner

Jay Gardner

In addition to his role at Wind+Wing Technologies, Jay currently serves as President of Adventure Cat Sailing Charters, Inc., a multi-vessel, excursion enterprise in the San Francisco Bay. Jay started out as a sailmaker and co-founded P.J.'s Canvas, Inc., which has been in operation for more than 30 years. Jay also serves as the President of Meyers Water Company, Inc., and holds a D-2 license for water distribution as well as a USCG 100 ton Master License. Along with his wife Pamela Simonson and his business partner Hans Korfin, he co-founded Adventure Cat Sailing Charters, Inc. in 1989.
Charlie Bogue

Charlie Bogue

Director of Market Development & Strategy
Charlie Bogue grew up sailing with his family on the San Francisco Bay. He expanded that passion after college through racing on the Bay, while building a career in business development and marketing strategy. Currently, Charlie is involved on a variety of initiatives for Wind+Wing Technologies including strategic planning and market development, while also serving as the Charter & Marketing Director of Adventure Cat Sailing Charters which operates out of Pier 39. Charlie lives in St. Helena with his wife and two children, and they enjoy being on the water whenever possible.
George Seyfang

George Seyfang

British Aerospace Aeronautical Engineer 42 yrs, Retired
George specializes in Aerodynamics, Wind Tunnel and Flight Performance. His extensive experience includes a portfolio of patents and design knowledge.

In Partnership with:

California Air Resources Board
University of California Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center
Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Morelli & Melvin Design