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Welcome to Wind+Wing Technologies… a gust of forward thinking.

We are currently developing the nation’s first wing and wind-assisted passenger ferry for public use in San Francisco. In a region where both wind and innovation is abundant, our team designed an advanced vessel to automatically harness wind power and transform it into clean transportation. The concept offers drastic reductions on fuel costs, pollutants, and green house gases – all in a safe, reliable ride with consistent scheduling that commuters can rely on. It’s an investment in our community’s future, a leap into tomorrow, and our wind…at its best.

0 YEARS = Average age of existing ferry boat technology
$0 = Price of Wind
0% = Estimated reduction in operational costs and related ghg emissions
0 QUADRILLION = Estimated annual KW Hours per year of kinetic energy produced by the wind (source; June 2, 2014 Jeopardy Clue)

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Project Report: Wind Assist Marine Demonstration for Ferry Districts on the San Francisco Bay

In partnership with Dr. Timothy Lipman, Co-Director for the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley, Wind+Wing Technologies has produced a report of the findings of our recent demonstration vessel. Read the full report which is published on the California Air Resources Board website.

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